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Huskies - Roley, Hoochie and Bear

Chris and Kim contacted me last December regarding their 3 Huskies....Roley, Hoochie and Bear.

They lived up in North Devon and regularly walked their 3 dogs on Woolacombe beach, part of the reason they chose to live in this area was so they could enjoy the beautiful beach walks. Anyway, they had run into a spot of bother with another dog on the beach, nothing too serious, but the other dog had got a nip. And Chris and Kim now realised that, now they owned a 'pack' they had to have complete control over them at all times.

We met up and had quite an intensive session looking at the character/ temperament of each dog, working out the hierarchy and trying various training methods that would work for Chris, because it was of no use setting up a training plan that was impossible to implement !!
To be honest, Chris Kim and the 3 dogs left my premises and I was slightly sceptical whether they would be able to follow things through and heard nothing from them for 6 weeks.

Then to my surprise Chris sent me a CD in the post of the progress he had made with the dogs, usually my clients send me the testimonials!! But in this case I think it has to be a testimonial to Chris....absolutely amazing.....Chris walking back on the beach, relaxed with his dogs and his 3 dogs under complete control looking chilled and happy. Chris obviously worked hard, but the rewards have paid off because it really was a lovely sight . Well done to you.

This is what Chris had to say:

"We have had 2 of our huskies for over 10 years and have always allowed them to run freely on the beaches, open spaces, etc. When we added another 18 month old to our pair they became more like a pack and started harassing people and dogs. They were never aggressive but annoying, intrusive and ignored all attempts to bring them to heel.
We spent 3 1/2 hours with the dogs and Tricia in early Dec and she explained to us the "why's & wherefore's"of their behaviour, how to curtail it and how to get them under control.Following Tricia's guidelines and advice, we worked at home with them for the next month and by the middle to end of January they were completely different dogs. They are now on instant recall, forbidden from interacting with other dogs and are a pleasure to walk.
Tricia worked very patiently with the dogs in a group and also on a one to one basis, working out each dogs temperament and indentifying the best course of action to take.Her knowledge of canine behaviour is evidently extensive and I would strongly recommend her for any of your dogs behavioural problems."

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