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Newfoundland - Molly

Leanne and her mum Helen sent me an email regarding their Newfoundland Molly.

Molly was a 4 year old Newfoundland, owned since a puppy and would seem had learnt a few bad habits from their other dog !!

One of these ' bad habits' amounted to Molly pinning other dogs to the ground, out on her daily walks. This was making dog walking very difficult for the ladie . So much so, Molly was being kept on the lead and they were also being walked separately. very time consuming).
Time to make an appointment and meet up? And this is what we did.

Newfoundlands are a very intelligent breed of dog and this was of an advantage to us, as Molly took on the training plan very quickly.

What was very rewarding in this case is that Leanne and Helen also had a problem with Molly terrorising their cat and they took it upon themselves to apply the same corrective training program set up for Molly's assertive behaviour towards other dogs, to their cats!! With the outcome being very successful..... Brilliant !!

Leanne recently emailed me an update...

"Hi Tricia Just an update on Molly and the training plan you set up. As you can see from the video we can now have Molly and all the dogs in with the cats without any trouble, she’s like a completely different dog, it’s amazing! I feel much more confident when out walking as I have that control.

I’ve been brave and had her off lead too with other dogs and if I tell her to leave it she will ignore them and walk with me, I’m still cautious and if worried I will have her on the lead, but loosely.

She is so much better with picking up sticks as well, will only try once on the walk now rather than all the time which is so much easier." Leanne.

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