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Eric - Patterdale

Louise emailed me regarding her 5 year old Patterdale Terrier Eric, he was a rescue dog and Louise had owned him since he was approximately 18 months old, as is usual when you take on any rescue dog Louise had very little past history to go on.

Eric had apparently always been a bit vocal around other dogs, but the situation was getting progressively worse in the fact that Louise now walked him away from other people and dogs because she found his behaviour of aggressively barking and lunging at other dogs just too embarrassing and she was getting to the stage where she dreaded walking him!

Eric had been attacked by another dog a couple of years ago and his aggressive behaviour had coincided with this attack, so this was another factor l had to take into consideration when meeting them.

I met up with Louise and Eric and introduced him to one of my dogs, Eric went into a spinning, barking and lunging frenzy within seconds to get at my dog , I always have to witness the behaviour first hand so that l can then explain to the owner why the dog is behaving in such a manner and show them how to correct it.
I do not think Eric really wanted to behave in this manner, it's just that he had become conditioned into doing so, because he was a very bright little chap. And from a lady who was dreading walking her dog I am now delighted to say she joins us at my weekly Dog Training Club in Longdown and Eric is becoming a star pupil!!!

Louise emailed with an update and this is what she had to say..

"Eric is making lovely progress with his training and is really picking up the new commands well, I'm very proud of him. As a result I am keen we keep up with the lessons.
Thanks again for all of your help, we have had such a fantastic 4 days since meeting you and have been everywhere together, as it should be, out and about with my best friend!"

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