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Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Jasmine

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Paula rang me with real concerns about her 4 year old Staffordshire bull terrier Jasmine. Sometimes Jasmine would pass another dog out on walks, but mostly she lunged aggressively at other dogs and had bitten another dog on one occasion!

Jasmine lived with a dog at their home, who she got on with, but Paula was planning in the future to get another puppy and she was beginning to think that Jasmine was too aggressive to accept any dog.

This is the latest update from Paula...

"I came to Tricia March 2011 with Jasmine our StaffidshireBull Terrier whe had a trerrible dog aggression problem . It was getting to the stage where I did not want or enjoy taking her out as she was always having ago at other dogs who came near her , not all but at least 70% of dogs . We had her from a pup, always socialised her from day one with our other dog . She did get attacked several times when she was a pup. I took her to Tricia and spent one and half hour with her. It was brilliant I took a new dog home with me . The very next day I took her out and instead of avoiding other dogs I was getting Jasmine to greet other dogs, she was fine! l followed Tricia's  instructions and it changed me, I wasn't nervous anymore which was half the problem.

Since then we have a new dog which we got 8 months after seeing Tricia, it took about a week and a half for Jasmine to accept him but now they are best buddies. I still don't let Jasmine off the lead with other dogs but I will walk through out dog field with no problems . There are still some dogs who come over a bit full on and she might tense up but I just reassure her and she is fine . So thank you Tricia"

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