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Working Cocker Spaniel - Tiggy

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When Jean and Paddy phoned me one weekend, they were in a pretty bad place. They had been very poorly advised on Tiggy's training, resulting in Tiggy's behaviour getting worse, rather than better.

Tiggy is a 2 year old Working Cocker and she was displaying some rather alarming aggression towards Jean's husband Paddy. This behaviour towards Paddy was really getting him down.....after all he adored this dog, walked her for miles every day and catered for her every need while Jean was at work.

My heart went out to this couple immediately, as most of us have been in a situation like this at some stage and it can be extremely upsetting, as well as exhausting trying to fathom out some rhyme or reason why your pet would act so aggressively towards you.

I took a drive out to Paddy and Jean's home to meet Tiggy. Tiggy must known I was coming!! As for the first part of the meeting she was the most polite, well mannered little dog I had seen all week!! But then the 'mist came down' and Tiggy displayed an outburst of aggression towards Paddy that to be honest.....even shocked me!!

Ok, things have got to change here and a complete new routine was set up for Tiggy.

Jean and I have to have daily contact via text, phone or email. I have to have daily updates on progression ......or not.
And this is what Jean and I did, everyday for a week or so. There was no room for error here, this plan had to be followed to the last T. Otherwise things were going to come to a very sad end.

Jean and Paddy were so determined, a real pleasure to work with.
They took on board everything I asked of them and never wavered off course and the results??

Amazing!! Tiggy is now the little dog they always wanted her to be.
Jean is delighted. Paddy is happy and believe it or not ..... Tiggy looks happier!!

"Hi Tricia....Thank you so much for helping us with Tiggy. We shall never be able to thank you enough for helping sort Tiggy out for us. We were really at 'rock bottom' with her and didn't know which way to turn.
Once again, thank you.
Jean and Paddy."

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